Dear readers of The Lowell

As we prepared to publish our fifth and final magazine of the year, we reflected on what we’ve accomplished this year. Though this year presented new challenges to our publication as we adjusted to being remote, we have also grown tremendously and implemented new practices. We started a newsletter, expanded our social media presence, raised money through our bake sale, brought new staff members on board, and fostered a community online. 

Over the past few months, we have also been looking towards The Lowell’s future, training our assistant editors to take over the publication next year. They have been working hard to learn how to be editors, and helped create this magazine. We are so excited to see where they will take the publication next year as the staff, hopefully, returns to the beloved Journ room. 

In this final issue, we have two big news stories. The cover story is about the recent surge in violence against Asian Americans and how that has affected Lowell students. The feature article focuses on the demands the Black Student Union issued this February, the degree to which the administration has addressed them, and the prospects for reducing racism at Lowell in the future. We hope you enjoy this magazine, and thank you for your support this year and beyond. 


Joelle Chien, Io Gilman, Anita Liu