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Why we need to fight for more self-defense education at Lowell

April 10, 2018

EditorialFor sophomore Silas Crocker, self-defense training through jiu jitsu has served as a good source of exercise as well as self-confidence. He has been practicing jiu jitsu for seven years and currently trains at Ralph Gr...

Sashays are the new sprints: Why dance should count for PE

January 10, 2018

EditorialSophomore Lucy Webb finishes playing hockey in PE and heads to the dance studio for her seventh block advanced dance class. She warms up with plies, tendus and Rond de Jambes and learns a new dance combination. Class ends ...

Lowell’s emergency procedures are lacking: We need a new plan

November 6, 2017

EditorialFrom Hurricane Harvey to Hurricane Maria, from earthquakes in Mexico to fires in Napa and Sonoma counties, natural disasters have been sweeping the world. In these times of trouble, it is especially important to look at ...

Senior asks teachers not to let personal opinions influence college advice

May 21, 2017

Letter to the EditorDear Lowell Students,In the process of searching for schools, I had many different people tell me many different things, and it got awfully confusing. I remember looking over my Common Application, and asking myself,...

We should replace the current diversity training PD program

March 10, 2017

EditorialA s part of the current effort to combat racial disparities at Lowell, faculty members are participating in monthly two-hour Equity-Centered Professional Development (PD) meetings hosted by the San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools (SF-CESS), who intends the program to last for four year...

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