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T  he Lowell is published by the journalism classes of Lowell High School, Room S108, 1101 Eucalyptus Drive, San Francisco, CA 94132.

Phone: (415) 759–2730 x3418

Email: [email protected]

All content copyright Lowell High School journalism classes. All rights reserved.

The Lowell strives to inform the public and to use its opinion sections as open forums for debate. All unsigned editorials are the opinions of the staff.

Editors-in-Chief Kylie Chau* • Roman Fong • Sierra Sun

News Editors Isadore Diamond • Sierra Sun

Opinions Editor Tatum Himelstein*

Columns Editor Ramona Jacobson • Brooke Laur

Sports Editor Roman Fong

Multimedia Editors Kylie Chau • Lauren Kim • Ava Rosoff

Art Manager Danica Yee*

Reporters Thomas Harrison • Alisa Kozmin • Kai Lyddan • Alina Mei • Hayden Miller • Sia Terplan

Photographers Imaan Ansari • Danah Aroonchaipirom • Katharine Kasperski • Garvin Kwong • Lucas Larson • Sydney Lee • Alex Mangot • Dahlia Myers • Ryan Njuguna

Illustrators Joey He • Charon Kong • Yue Yi Peng • Emily Yee

Business Managers Isabella Chan • Primo Pelczynski

Web Managers Katharine Kasperski*

Social Media Managers Maya Murakami • Miyabi Yoshida

Researchers Maren Brooks • Anita Luo

Advisor Eric Gustafson

* Department heads


Joining Journalism

  • If you want to become a reporter, sign up for the Journalism 1 class to learn the basics of reporting and start your Journ career the next semester
  • If you want to become a researcher, photographer, videographer, illustrator, web designer, business manager, or social media manager, learn more below.
  • Please do not sign up for Journalism 2 in Arena before your application is approved.
  • Contact [email protected] for more info about reporting, photography, illustration, web design, video production, research, and social media or [email protected] for business managing.


The Lowell is the official student-run news publication for Lowell High School, and has been publishing content for the student body for over a century. The staff prints news-magazines and publishes stories online on a regular basis. Join now and learn from established student journalists about writing news, managing business, designing pages, and more.


A reporter works to write and publish news stories in the paper. Most newbies interested in writing for The Lowell come in as reporters and branch out to different sections or climb the ladder of editorship later. As a rookie reporter, you’ll be paired with a veteran staff member as your mentor. 

In order to receive basic journalism training and prepare to join the staff full-time, sign up for the Journalism 1 class. 


As an editor, you’ll be immersed in your favorite section — news, opinions, columns, or sports. Besides editing reporters’ stories and publishing stories on the web, you’ll also have the opportunity to design the pages of the magazine, coordinate with the editors of other sections, and shape the direction of the publication as a whole.

Once you’ve been a reporter for at least two semesters and have completed editor training, you may become an editor.


A staff photographer shoots photos of different sports competitions, performances, and other school events. See your shots in print, on the front page, and online! As a photographer for The Lowell, you’ll not only have access to our studio with a vast array of high-tech cameras, lenses, and lights, but you’ll also be close to the action at big events like All-City competitions, rallies, and more.

To start your photography training, submit a portfolio of 7–10 photos that shows off your ability. You do not need to have prior experience, or even own your own camera, to become a photographer. Contact us via email for the application. Applications open at the beginning of the fall semester, the end of the fall semester, and the end of the spring semester. 


If you’ve got a talent for art, journalism is an outlet where you can develop your skills and see your work published. You’ll collaborate with editors on illustrations for stories, editorial cartoons, and more.

To become an illustrator, submit a portfolio with a variety of illustrations. We would especially like to see illustrations of people in action and ones with style suitable for a newspaper, but your portfolio may contain any work you would like to display. Contact us via email for the application. Applications open at the beginning of the fall semester, the end of the fall semester, and the end of the spring semester. 

Social Media Manager

The Lowell uses Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and our website for promoting stories. Use and polish your public relations skills to manage our social media posts. This role includes posting live at certain events and maintaining an active relationship with our readers.

To become a social media manager, contact us via email for the application. Applications open at the end of the fall semester and the end of the spring semester. 

Business Manager

If you’ve got a good head for business, consider a position as one of The Lowell’s business managers. You’ll manage the publication’s finances, including selling ads, organizing conventions, fundraising events, and working with editors to improve journalism relations with others.

To become a business manager, contact us via email for the application. 

Web Manager

As web managers, you’ll work with editors and the adviser to produce innovative and creative ways to get stories published and covered professionally. You will back up stories, arrange the website’s design, and have the option to work on coding projects that help make stories more interactive.

To become a web manager, contact us via email for the application. 


As a researcher, you will create surveys, analyze data, and create visualizations to support stories. If you like or are interested in working with Google Sheets and Forms, and working with data and statistics, you can explore those interests here. No experience required.

To join the research department, contact us via email for the application. Applications open at the end of the fall semester and the end of the spring semester. 


Go to S108 during Blocks 6 or 7, or reach out by email: [email protected].

Hope to see you soon! Whatever you do in journalism, you will be a part of the team and a culture. The journ room is a work, lunch, and bonding space for all journies. It’s always better to start EARLY, so sign up now as a freshman for more opportunities, time to grow into leadership positions, and freedom to explore your interests!


  • 2018 NSPA Print Pacemaker Finalist
  • 2014 NSPA Online Pacemaker
  • 2012 NSPA Print Pacemaker
  • 2011 NSPA All-American
  • 2011 NSPA Online Pacemaker
  • 2009 NSPA First Class Honors
  • 2007 NSPA All-American
  • 2007 NSPA Web Pacemaker
  • 2007 CSPA Gold Crown



Advertise in the Magazine

The Lowell offers many options and sizes of printed advertisements, published in our magazine. Advertisements may be purchased for a single issue or for multiple months’ issues.

If you are interested in placing an ad in the magazine, on our website, or on our social media accounts, please submit a quote request form here.

Advertise Online

We also offer advertisements on our award-winning website, TheLowell.org. Our website gets over 2,500 page views from unique visitors each week and is a great way to reach even more students, parents, and alumni beyond our print edition.

The available ad space on our website is in the right sidebar and within stories. The online advertising rates (with current pricing info) is available here.

If you are interested in placing an ad online, please email us at [email protected].

The Lowell and The Lowell on the Web reserve the right to refuse to publish advertisements deemed inappropriate by advertising staff.