Dear Readers of The Lowell,

Hello, and welcome to our first-ever purely digital magazine. Though these last few months have been a time of change for The Lowell and have presented us with new challenges, we remain committed to informing and bringing the Lowell community together through our work, a role now more important than ever. We are continuing to regularly publish stories on our website and social media, and we are challenging ourselves to connect with our audience in new ways, with the launch of our monthly newsletter, as well as this digital magazine.

In this magazine, several articles explore the changes that have happened in our communities due to the coronavirus, including an article on food bank volunteering and another on Lowell’s bell schedule. We are also exploring how change may occur at the national level in our cover story “Students for the soul of our nation,” which focuses on the upcoming election. The results of this election have the potential to change the future of the U.S., and students at Lowell are stepping up to support the candidates and policies that will help to fulfill the vision they have for this country.


Joelle Chien, Io Gilman, Anita Liu