Dear readers of The Lowell,

Unfortunately, this is the last letter that we will be writing to you. We leave the publication in the capable hands of the next generation of editors. For this issue they brainstormed story ideas, wrote and helped edit many of the articles and designed the magazine layout. What you will now read is a product of their work and dedication.

This school year was one of growth for our publication. We launched a new website, increased our presence on social media and diversified our content. We grew from within as well, expanding from 34 to over 50 staff members. We entered this year with a renewed commitment to publishing content that would best serve our readers, so we started doing breaking news on social media, started “Freshman corner” to help educate incoming students and released an SBC voters’ guide for the first time. In addition, we welcomed guest writers to submit works to be published on our platform.

To finish off the 2018-19 school year, we present to you our last issue of The Lowell, where reporters Elyse Foreman and Allison Jou ask us, “Can we face the truth?”, uncovering just how bad the cheating problem is at Lowell.

For a sneak peek of what’s to come in the new year, flip to Page 12 to read all about the new Student Union classroom to be built in the arcade this summer.  


Olivia Sohn and Susan Wong