FROM THE EDITOR: Creativity knows no bounds

FROM THE EDITOR: Creativity knows no bounds

Dear readers of The Lowell,

Often, the perception of students at Lowell is that we are robotic, grade-focused, AP test-taking-machines. Is the trope of “typical Lowell student” actually true?

Most students at Lowell have encountered somebody that says, “Oh, you go to Lowell” in a judgmental tone. Underlying that statement is an assumption that they know who you are; it’s an assumption that all Lowell students are the same, and frankly, that we’re boring.

In this issue, we highlight four creators breaking the norms of what it stereotypically means to be a Lowell student. These students are far from robotic or mechanically thinking, each one expressing themselves through innovative outlets: sophomore Sebastian Kaplan is a filmmaker, junior Ellie Riff is a costume designer, senior Jasmine Liang is a LEGO builder, and junior Alex Ruiz is a coder. They show that although many Lowell students are academically motivated, they can be inventive and imaginative as well.

Not only do these makers break the boundaries of what it means to be a typical Lowell student, but they stray from the ways that people are traditionally perceived as being “creative,” namely the fine arts. Their varying crafts show that creativity can flow through any outlet.

The four creators featured in this issue remind us to remain open to any and all forms of expression. They also encourage us to open our eyes and look for the ways that we are all unique.



Olivia Sohn and Susan Wong