Dear readers of The Lowell,

Hello, and welcome back. We’re excited to be producing print news magazines again; this marks our first print issue since January 2020. This semester is also the first time our entire staff has physically been together in 18 months, and returning to campus has reunited us with the beloved Journ room. Despite the excitement of these milestones, we must acknowledge the difficulties of our return to in-person learning.
This issue of The Lowell explores how our school community is readjusting to being on campus again. Our cover story focuses on the long-term social effects of quarantine and the identity shock of coming back to school. We also look to the future of in-person learning with an opinion piece in support of Gov. Newsom’s vaccine mandate.

Looking forward, this year provides a fresh start for The Lowell and our school community. We are excited to be here with you and continue the important work of exploring campus issues. 


Sarah Liu and Rae Wymer