LSA 2023 Historian Voter’s Guide

The Historian is responsible for taking pictures during class activities and events. 

Wallace Tang

Why did you decide to run?

It’s my freshman year here, and I didn’t have many friends that came to Lowell because I came from a small school. So I decided I wanted to put myself out there. [And] what better way than to run for a LSA position? I didn’t want to run for President because I feel like it’s too much of a burden on me for the first year and I didn’t want to go through freshman year stressed out. I really have a passion for photography, photography is one of my hobbies. So I decided to run for Historian.

What makes your campaign unique? 

I’m the only one running currently, but I try to stick out with my sticker. You can laugh at me at my own expense. I make people laugh. My campaign is [about] making people remember me, from a joke I tell or conversations that I have with people. I try to go around the school sometimes during lunch, sit at other tables, meet other people.