LSA 2023 Secretary Voter’s Guide

The Secretary is responsible for keeping meeting minutes during LSA meetings. 

Yena Im

What makes a good Secretary and how does that apply to you? 

I think what Secretaries have to do, especially what LSA secretaries have to do, is creating the class binder. It’s organizing, keeping track of all the meetings, taking notes at all the meetings, timing all the meetings, and just a lot of organization skills are needed, and I think I have those. You have to take notes because they’re the notes that you give to the SBC Secretary and to the rest of LSA to have on record for each meeting, and without it, it’s like you don’t have any record of the meetings. I think I would be really good at taking notes because I do take good notes. 

What makes your campaign unique? 

I am running unopposed, I believe, so I don’t really know what makes me super unique, but when other people reg run, from what I’ve noticed, they prepare a really long speech and they memorize it and to be honest it bores a lot of people. I just want to be memorable. So me and the person I reg run with, we go in and we just say what we have to say really loudly, we get everyone’s attention, it takes like 20 seconds, and then we leave. And then in their head, it’s like ‘Wow, they were energetic, they’re passionate about this, maybe I should vote for them.’ So I think that’s what makes my campaign unique.