SBC President Voter’s Guide

The President oversees the whole board and helps coordinate everything that the SBC does.


Andrew Sima, Junior

What do you think makes you qualified for this position?

I’ve been on LSA for three years, I acted as Vice President my freshman year and I’ve been president for the last two years of my board. I think through that experience I’ve gotten a lot of skills regarding hosting fundraisers and maintaining a budget and making sure that we have enough money for everything, and even making excess money to pass onto future generations. So, in terms of the economical aspect I think I’m pretty skilled with that.

If you get elected, what would you do to benefit the Lowell community?

I think that at a competitive school like Lowell, there’s an urge to get into college. A lot of people here do a lot of things because they want to get into a good college. So I think that if we provide more opportunities such as SAT prep and writing workshops and just expanding the people who are already participate in these activities through the VICCI Center, I think there will be less of a focus on just getting into college, and doing things that will get you into college. I think that if we offer more resources then people won’t be as worried and they can focus more on interacting on others and pursuing what they actually like.