SBC Events Coordinator Voter’s Guide

The Events Coordinator helps organize and emcee events like rallies, the talent show, and dances.


Winnie Qi, Junior

What qualities do you think would make you a good Events Coordinator?
You have to be outgoing. You’re emceeing the different events such as the rallies. Traits you have to have to be a great SBC Events Coordinator are your team working skills, your ability to work with others, and you must be outgoing, really be out there. I’m able to work well with others. As a member on the basketball team for the past three years, I’ve learned to work well with others, I’m great at planning events such as different events we have done on the basketball team bonding, different activities, and also senior day. During the summer I was a camp counselor and I planned for different activities for the students to enjoy. I’m kind of the hype man on the basketball team. You have to be the emcee for the rallies, you want to get everyone hyped up so I’m believe that I’m the best candidate for this position. I’m outgoing, I’m determined, and I have many ideas in store.

Why did you decide to run for this position?
I want to make the most out of my senior year next year, I want to plan for the most memorable events. I want to make sure that all the students have fun, have a great time.


Tiffany Tse, Freshman

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Tse

What qualities do you think would make you a good Dance Coordinator?
I love being a part of this school. I love being able to represent the student body. For me, I consider myself as a really outgoing person which I think is a necessary part of this job as an Events Coordinator. Because communication is key when it comes to being able to organize events. Including rallies— you need a lot of school spirit which I think I have.

Why did you decide to run for this position?
A big experience for me that led me to want to become SBC Events Coordinator was that as a freshmen during the fall rally the current Events Coordinator, Adam, he played a huge part in helping us prepare for the fall rally even though I know it wasn’t that good, but he was just really supporting to us. He was such an inspiring role model. He made me really believe that we could pull the dance committee off during the fall rally. He was just such a role model, and I really wanted to become like him, which made we want to become the next SBC Events Coordinator.