Boys’ volleyball slams a victory against the Washington Eagles 3–1


Ciara Kosai

Senior middle blocker Alan Duong spikes the ball against the Washington Eagles on April 5.

On April 5, the boys’ volleyball team jumped into the season with a win over the Washington Eagles, 3–1.

Lowell lost the first set 25–17. “We were too slow to transition into game mode, we were in practice mode,” senior middle blocker Popo Liu said. “That’s why we lost the first set.”


In the second set, the score was close and was tied at one point, but Lowell rallied and won 25–20. The third set was also close, but Lowell maintained its winning streak, 25–21. Lowell carried its momentum into the last set, winning 25–17.

Senior setter Benton Yan and senior middle blocker Alan Duong block a spike from the Eagles. Photo by Ciara Kosai

To prepare for the match, the team has been training since January. The team has improved tremendously since the beginning of the season, according to head coach Samantha Woo. “These boys have come a long way,” she said.

“We don’t always slam the ball all the time. We know not to roll it or tip it when the time is right.”

According to Liu, the team plays smart. “We don’t always slam the ball all the time,” Liu said. “We know not to roll it or tip it when the time is right.”

Junior right side hitter Jonathan Kung tips the ball. Photo by Ciara Kosai

The team is currently working on better communication. They aren’t vocal enough to each other, according to Woo. Senior outside hitter Simon Luu and Liu recognize that the team needs to have better communications between players.“We just need to work better together,” Luu said. “Because we always just look at each other when the ball drops, and we don’t really know who gets it.”

The boys’ volleyball team will go against the Mission Bears on April 14 at 5 p.m.