Boys’ varsity volleyball defeats Lincoln in the playoffs

Lauren Kim

On May 9, Lowell’s boys volleyball team took on the Lincoln Mustangs in a playoff game, winning the match in the first three sets. Through this victory the team has secured their spot in the state championships.

The team is excited, but also nervous. “Competition at states is probably going to be a lot harder, and city championships as well. But we’re excited for it. It’s fun to play harder teams,” said senior Kyle Lam. Having been on the team since his freshman year, Lam is looking forward to playing more with them at states. “It’s just really rewarding,” Lam said. “You put a lot of work into it over the years and so when you get that dig it feels really good. When you’re able to get that set it’s just a really big rush and everytime I cherish that.”

Junior Asher Rao was a strong offensive and defensive player in the game, making three crucial saves in a row during the third set. “Every single play you need to bring a new energy, new momentum. And it’s a reset, it’s a new point. You have to remember each point is a new point and you just have to keep fighting for every single ball,” Rao said. As the team moves on to states, Rao reflects on their past games. “I’m very proud of Lincoln,” Rao said. “You know, we beat them in the championship last year, but we lost to them in the regular season play. It just goes to show that no team is perfect and you have to respect every single opponent, because at the end of the day we’re all just playing the sport that we love.”