Boys’ varsity volleyball defeated by Galileo lions


Kelcie Lee

Last Friday, Apr. 21, the Lowell boys’ volleyball team lost to Galileo in a tight match that led to five sets.

According to senior and captain Finnbar Jewell, the team made multiple small mistakes throughout the game. “I don’t think it was anything huge…If we work on it and try to fix it, when we play them again, we won’t make the same mistakes twice,” Jewell said.

Similarly, the loss allowed junior Koa Shen to reflect on his performance. “I think a lot of volleyball is accepting your mistakes,” Shen said. “I try not to think about my mistakes too much and try to focus on what I did well, and that goes for everyone on the team.”

Despite the loss, Jewell and Shen remain hopeful for their upcoming games. “I’m excited to get back into the game and show that we are still Lowell,” Jewell said. “We are still a team to be reckoned with and hopefully we will play [Galileo] in the playoffs.”

The team will play at home against Mission tomorrow, Apr. 26, and Washington again on Friday, Apr. 28.