Boys’ golf falls short to the Washington Eagles in the semifinal match 218–225

Senior Kyle Chu putts the ball. Photo by Leonard Caoili

The boys’ golf team lost in the semifinals to the Washington Eagles 218–225 on May 10 at Lincoln Park.

Washington and Lowell each played nine holes twice for a total of eighteen holes. The top Lowell scorers from the match were junior Joshua Lim, who played a 33, and senior Harrison Linder, who played a 45.

Senior Paul Dzul prepares to putt the ball during the game against the Washington Eagles on March 23. Photo by Leonard Caoili

Head coach Juan Lopez was upset by the loss. “I think we were the better team, but we didn’t play like it,” he said. “When it comes to winning, you have to show up and be ready to play well under pressure, and it looked like our guys weren’t ready.”


Lopez is already looking for ways to improve for next year. “I’m definitely going to put a lot of emphasis on chipping and putting, and hopefully that will help us out for next year,” he said.

The Cardinals ended in third place in the league with five wins and two losses.