Hello, Dolly: Star alum Carol Channing brings smiles to students

Senior Jackson Murphy and sophomore Kate Adler accompany Class of ’38 alumna Carol Channing on stage at the Carol Channing Theater on Nov. 6 during block 6. Photo by Zoe Kaiser

Carol Channing, class of ’38, winner of three Tony awards and Hello, Dolly! star, visited the school on Nov. 6, 2014.

Despite not having her hearing aid in for the beginning of the presentation, she entertained the audience with stories about the school. “Everything I needed to learn, I learned at Lowell,” she said.

Channing surprised Lowell faculty and students when she expressed her opinions on Lowell students’ intellect when she stated, “When you call graduate, you will discover that the rest of the world is dumber than you are.”

She also complimented the students: “You look so much more beautiful than we did back then.”

Photos by Zoe Kaiser
Lowell Advanced Choir and Lowell Theater combine forces to sing for Carol Channing. Photo by Zoe Kaiser
Seniors Kate McCarthy and Izabel Jusino with Carol Channing. Photo by Zoe Kaiser

Originally published on November 6, 2014