From the editor: in support of survivors of sexual violence


Dear Readers of Lowell, 


We, The Lowell, support survivors of sexual violence and commend the bravery of students who have come forward with their stories. This issue is at the forefront of our community right now. Many allegations of sexual violence perpetuated by Lowell students have surfaced on social media, and the resulting tension is present on campus. Students have organized several walkouts protesting our administration’s response to allegations in the past two weeks. Our school walls are plastered with posters calling for action by administration, teachers, students, and other community members. It has not weighed easy on the conscience of our community; we can feel it every time we walk down the halls. As a school, we are changing with each and every allegation. 

With this editorial, The Lowell wants to assure our readers that we are aware of these developments. Our staff has been preparing in-depth coverage on sexual violence and community accountability surrounding this issue to come next semester. We have committed ourselves to reporting on this matter with objectivity, integrity, and care for all people affected. We will stand by our role as the student publication and an investigative body for the community. It is extremely important to us that we do the Lowell community justice in providing accurate reporting. 

As a publication, we also believe in due process. It is time for Title IX procedure to live up to its function — to provide the protection and safety that every member of our community deserves. The process begins when students report their experiences with sexual violence to Title IX coordinators. Next, Lowell administration and Title IX coordinators take statements from all parties involved and examine evidence. They have 90 days to complete an investigation and come to a conclusion. Only then can official disciplinary action be taken by the administration. The Title IX process should protect those who have survived sexual violence and those faslely accused of such acts. To ensure lasting protection for survivors, we need to make sure that judgements of guilt are not just left to a trial by peers. 

Right now, many students feel that the justice system in place — Title IX procedures and the administration’s execution of said procedures —  are failing them. As a community, Lowell must find a way to reconcile proper legal action and fulfill the demands to hold assaulters accountable. 

Now, more than ever, our school needs to be united as a community to protect its students. The Lowell is committed to reporting the truth, and we hope that our reporting will play a role in ensuring justice for survivors of sexual violence.


The Editorial Board

Sarah Liu and Rae Wymer, Editors-in-Chief