How boys’ soccer bounced back with a 2–0 win over Lions

Originally published on September 18, 2015

Senior midfielder Juan Osorio maneuvers the ball during the game against the Galileo Lions on Sept. 17. The Cardinals made a comeback, winning 2–0, after falling short in the season opener against the Lincoln Mustangs on Sept. 15. Photo by Leonard Caoili

The boys’ soccer team defeated the Galileo Lions yesterday 2–0, recovering from a 2–1 loss against the Lincoln Mustangs in the season opener.

After losing to Lincoln on Tuesday, the Cardinals took to improving on mistakes from their first game along with the preseason scrimmages using the 3–4–3 defense formation, according to senior co-captain Noah Boden-Gologorsky.

Junior midfielder and forward Jonathan Argueta-Vasquez prepares for an instep drive.

The players’ focus on improving the formation allowed for junior midfielder Nick Kaliss to score the first goal in the first half. As well as enabled junior forward Cian O’Dwyer to score the second and final goal early in the second half.

Executing the 3–4–3 left the Cardinals to focus solely on blocking the Lions for the remainder of the game. “In previous matches the midfield was reluctant to step up with the forwards, leaving a huge gap in between our players,” Moxley said. “This was the main reason for most of our losses during preseason and for our first game. But, now as we work on it, I think the team has become more comfortable with the formation and we are now capitalizing because of it.”

The Cardinals will go head to head with the Balboa Buccaneers next Tuesday on home ground at 3:45 p.m.