How varsity baseball overtook the Lions 9–6

The varsity baseball team took the game against the Galileo Lions 9–6 on March 15. Photo by Christina Johnson

The varsity baseball team stood victorious 9–6 on March 15 against the Galileo Lions. The Cardinals are currently tied in second place with a 3–2 record after losing to the undefeated Eagles on March 16.

In the Galileo game, the Cardinals defense ended the first inning within the first five minutes with fast and precise throws from senior pitcher Brennan Greedy. Unable to hit the Lions’ pitches, the Cardinals quickly closed the first inning and second inning without any points scored from both teams.


The game began to pick up in the third inning. After the Lions gained a run at the top of the third, the Cardinals jump-started their offense. Junior infielder and pitcher Alex Bradshaw got to first on a single to left field. Senior outfielder Joe Solomon sent Bradshaw to third with a double. Junior catcher Owen Mahoney then sent Bradshaw home and Solomon to third with a single. When the Lions’ catcher missed an incoming pitch, Solomon stole home, bringing the Cardinals up 2–1.

Senior pitcher Brennan Greedy throws the ball. Photo by Christina Johnson

The Cardinals maintained their defense at the top of the fourth inning, allowing only one run from the Lions. During the bottom of the fourth, sophomore infielder Levi Humphrey scored a run with the help of a sacrifice bunt from sophomore outfielder Trey Chase. Bradshaw, senior baseman Kyle Ruan and Mahoney followed with consecutive runs, closing the fourth inning ahead 6–2.

At the top of the fifth, the Lions scored twice. During the bottom of the fifth, Gardi scored for the Cards after senior outfielder and pitcher EJ Whorton singled to left field. Later in the inning, Whorton scored on a single by Bradshaw, concluding the fifth inning 8–4.

Senior outfielder Joe Solomon gets ready to run home. Photo by Christina Johnson

In the sixth inning, the Lions made their last two runs. Gardi made the last run of the game, as both teams were held scoreless in the seventh inning. The Cards won the game 9–6.

The Cardinals will face off against the Lincoln Mustangs on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.