FROM THE EDITOR: Race relations and Lowell admissions

Dear Readers of The Lowell,

Our cover story for this issue is timely, as the number of anti-Asian hate crimes spike across the nation and within the San Francisco community, and the discussion of race and racism continues. In “The racial divide over admissions” by Jacqueline Mei and Isaac Anderson, we delve into how Lowell admissions has affected race relations between Lowell’s Asian American and Black communities. The story focuses on how narratives and agendas pushed by different parties harm both communities and how white supremacy has pitted the two groups against each other. However, these conflicts do not need to continue, and the story also explores how Asian and Black students can stand in solidarity with each other and begin to move forward.

While our reporters were writing this piece, they found that not many people wanted to speak about the delicate issue of race relations, especially given the high tensions surrounding it and the fear of being canceled. However, we believe that the very fact that people do not want to speak about it makes it a more important story than ever. Fortunately, a number of students and other members of the community did share their opinions. We hope that this newsmagazine can promote more much needed conversations around a topic that hits very close to home for all Lowellites.


Joelle Chien, Io Gilman, Anita Liu