FROM THE EDITOR: Opening up about mental health

Dear readers of The Lowell,

Since the seventh grade, I have been writing on school newspapers with one of my closest friends, Allison Jou. This issue’s cover story was our brain child: I remember us deciding to write this last school year, running through ideas while leaning up against filing cabinets in the counseling office. We solidified our pact in a Google Doc that we created in August. We continued to add to it until Ally died by suicide in early September.

Mental health can be difficult to talk about. It’s frankly terrifying to be vulnerable around other people — I’m still not the best at it — but learning how to open up to friends, family, and Wellness staff members is what has gotten me through these past few months.

It is important that we don’t just avoid this conversation. To prevent future tragedies and help us foster a healthier and more open student body, we need to start an honest dialogue about mental illness, prioritize our own physical and mental health, and identify and support our peers who may be struggling.

Ally, this is your article.

Opinions Editor,

Elyse Foreman