Meet the Cast: Kevin Dunn

Christina Johnson
Senior Kevin Dunn is a male soloist for the spring musical.

Senior Kevin Dunn described the musical as, “A crazy barber seeks revenge against those who wronged him.” Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street will be Dunn’s first time performing in a musical.


His interest in theater began in 8th grade when his school hired a performing arts teacher and despite initial reluctance, Dunn truly enjoyed the class. In his freshman year at Lowell, Dunn enrolled in Drama 1 after the Band class filled up. He enjoyed the class immensely and since then has watched every play and musical Lowell Theater has presented. “I always felt bad because all the people I took the class with were up there on stage performing and I was always there in the audience.” Dunn said. Not wanting to end his high school career with regrets,  Dunn auditioned and made it into the cast of Sweeney Todd.


Dunn’s favorite part about theatre is the level of importance each person has to the show. “Even though I’m not a main character, I’m not a super important person, I’m not the most talented person there, but me being there adds to the production and every comes together and makes the product. It’s not complete if someone is missing.” Dunn also loves the process of starting out with nothing, learning the story, the music, and putting everything together until it becomes the show. Dunn’s personal goal for this musical is to not mess up and do his best


Dunn describes his first step on stage as nerve racking, “This is my first big theater or like musical thing, most people have experience in one or the other, I have experience in none. I’m not extremely confident at how good I am, but I’ve been trying to work really hard. It’s a good experience for me to go through.”