Meet the Cast: Donna Lee

Donna Lee, an ensemble member for the upcoming spring musical. Photo courtesy of Donna Lee

    Freshman Donna Lee is an ensemble member in the upcoming spring musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Quoting the show’s director Anne Marie Ullman, Lee describes the ensemble as “the essence of the show.” that help to enhance the personality of the whole show.


    After helping a friend prepare their audition, Lee decided to audition herself.  Initially, Lee hadn’t thought being in the show was a possibility for her due to the her level of school work in and the huge time commitments that came with working in theater. However, Lee found the musical always on her mind and knew she just had to audition.


    “I think my favorite part is meeting different people who are invested in the show and want to make it come true.” Lee said.  “These people are so talented and they share their ways and talent with each other. the same process, finding myself through this musical.”


    In a few short words, Lee described the play as “gory, magical, realism”.


    Lee’s personal goal is to embody the show and meet the expectations set by the director while also meeting her own expectations for herself.


    When she first stepped on stage, Lee’s thought were,  “Wow, this is big, the lights are really blinding, I can’t wait till we perform. All of this will come to life.”