FROM THE EDITOR: Social media and mental health

To the readers of The Lowell,

Here at Lowell, it is widely believed that almost everyone is stressed, and if you’re not, a common sentiment is that you must be doing something wrong. On social media pages like Lowell Confessions or students’ private “finstas,” you will find a plethora of complaints about mental health— students speaking frequently about their stress, depression and anxiety. But is scrolling or venting on social media a healthy coping mechanism for the academic stress facing Lowellites? In this issue’s cover story, we untangle the complexities of social media’s impact on mental health.

Many staff members contributed to this cover story. The survey required a lot of effort, as it was conducted on paper in 12 different registries. Then came the hours of manually inputting the results. Due to the tight deadline, author Kate Green needed help transcribing her numerous interviews. From new reporters to veteran editors, the staff came to Green’s assistance. Pardon the cliche, but it truly was a team effort.

Finally, we extend our thanks to all the interview subjects for their time and honesty, including those that did not end up being featured in the story.

Editors in Chief,
Olivia Sohn and Susan Wong