Featured below are some of Lowell’s own fashion fanatics. Here’s a look at what they are wearing for the fall/winter and their thoughts on fashion trends and clothing:


Zaragoza wears Bianca Chandon top, Supreme Jacket, and Acne Studios jeans. Photo by Ethan Lei

Who/what are you wearing today?

I’m wearing an Undercover jacket, Bianca Chandon top, Supreme jacket, Acne Studios jeans, and Rick Owens Ramones.

Who/what inspires your fashion sense?

People on the streets, especially old people. People just doing their jobs like construction workers. Just casual people on the street because they’re the ones dressing for their own comfort. When they look comfortable, they look good. I got to be comfortable. The other day I left school because I just didn’t feel like myself. I had my outfit on and I just didn’t feel like myself. I was in my stats class, but I couldn’t solve anything. But do you know what it came down to? My outfit was trash. I went home and came back two hours later for my democracy class.

Who’s your fashion icon?

Pharell or Kid Cudi.

Favorite piece of clothing?

That jacket right there. (pictured below on left) I saved up for a year and I went like weeks without eating just to get it. That jacket sells for about $1,100.

Zaragoza wears Undercover jacket (left), Supreme jacket and Acne Studios jeans (right). Photos by Ethan Lei

What are your favorite trends right now?

Dickies, love dickies. Dickies are the sh*t, man.

As far as accessories go, what is your boldest piece?

Probably my butterfly chain. I got it about a year ago, and every time people ask me about it, they think it’s some Travis Scott butterfly effect sh*t which is kind of true. I saw a butterfly effect video a year ago and that sh*t is crazy like just the whole idea with outcomes and the possibilities of everything. That sh*t trip me out, and ever since then, I bought this just to remind me to do spontaneous things.

Is there anything you wanna say about fashion?

I think when it comes to fashion, the way I look at it, it really is my favorite form of expression. Everyday artists express themselves by painting or drawing. I like to express myself in outfits. Putting an outfit together is my form of expression.

Junior MIA DENO:

Deno wears Brandy Melville bodysuit, thrifted varsity jacket, Starkiki denim culottes, boutique jewelry, Amazon fishnets, gifted boots. Photo by Ciara Kosai

Who/what are you wearing?

My pants are from my step-mom’s sister’s store from Taiwan and I just painted on them because why not. Top is from Brandy Melville. Disclaimer: I’m not basic; they just don’t use sweatshops. My jacket is from a thrift store.

What inspires your fashion sense?

I’m really inspired by Princess Nokia, Solange, SZA, Tara Chandra. She’s incredible I love her to death, Rihanna of course, all women.

Favorite places to shop?

Mission Thrift in the Mission is my favorite place to shop. Ever.

Do you follow trends?

Yeah, I think so. I think it’s important because I want to be in the fashion industry. And I think [trends are] important if you want to be in the fashion industry just to stay relevant. It’s good to stay true to yourself with your own style because that’s your style. You should always find things that you are interested in — just you — and not focus on what your friends are wearing as much, just what you like.

What are some of your favorite trends right now?

Fishnets. I don’t know. I don’t follow trends as much. I don’t know if over-sized pants are a trend but that’s my religion.

Deno wears Brandy Melville bodysuit, thrifted varsity jacket, Starkiki denim culottes, boutique jewelry, Amazon fishnets, gifted boots. Photos by Ciara Kosai

Have you always dressed very confidently?

No, when I was in middle school I did not know what style was but I would always watch Project Runway. My mom dressed me up until like seventh grade and it was these elaborate outfits and it was very preppy. I hit a rough spot in eighth grade. And then I came to Lowell and got involved in this fashion design class for Youth Art Exchange and just went crazy with style from there. I am just going to do whatever and wear whatever because why not.

You have a very confident walk. Have you always walked like that?

No, the answer is no. During the rough spot — it was a family thing, my parents got divorced and it was this huge thing — it was a really really rough time in my life, not just for me but my family as a whole. It wasn’t like those stereotypical things where it was like “Oh my god, my innocence is ruined.” After that, it took a lot of rebuilding of myself and my self-confidence to get to where I am right now, and it took a lot of time. When I first started doing “the walk,” I was just doing it because I was like “If I walk like I know what I’m doing, eventually I’ll know what I’m doing and I’ll feel how I’m walking,” and I think it worked a lot.


Candland wears thrifted Boy Scouts shirt, Dickies pants, Converse high tops. Photo by Ciara Kosai

What/who are you wearing?

I got this shirt at Mission Thrift and it’s a Boy Scout shirt. I’m just wearing Dickies for pants and Converse. I sewed this one myself (see Boy Scout shirt above) and all the rest of the patches it came with, but there were some really ugly ones right here that I had to rip off, I just had to.

If you had to describe your sense of style in a phrase what would it be?

All over the place. I’ll wear something and then I’ll wear something else the next day and someone will be like “What, that doesn’t make sense.” I have a lot of spheres of my style. I would say this is more like the practical-working, no-nonsense kind of look and sometimes I’ll go really preppy with it, which kind of confuses people.

How do you shop for your clothes?

I mostly just go to thrift stores, or a lot of what I’ll do is I’ll wear my mom’s old clothes or my grandma’s old clothes. That’s a really good place to find stuff and it usually fits.

Favorite place to shop?

My favorite place by far is Mission Thrift because it’s cheap, but it also has a good filtering strategy that they use, like they don’t just put any old thing out there like some of the Goodwill’s and Salvation Army’s. Don’t shop at Salvation Army, guys. They are just the worst, but also [do not shop] at the ones at the Haight where it’s like $1,000 for this shirt. It’s ridiculous! Wasteland is terrible. I went in there all naive, thinking that it was going to be reasonably priced but no.

Favorite piece of clothing?

One of my favorites is this shirt I’m wearing because I think it’s really unique and I like the fact that it confuses people. I get a lot of comments from people being confused like “Are you a boy scout? Are you a boy? Are you a girl? Are you a scout? Where are you from — like, what time are you from? Did you time travel?” But I also like the black turtleneck — that’s a staple love it.

Candland wears thrifted Boy Scouts shirt, Dickies pants, Converse high tops. Photos by Ciara Kosai

Favorite trends?

Hate to say it, but I do like the Dickies. I got to say I’m a partaker, I kind of feel like I’m exploiting the proletariat but I really do like it. It’s not a current trend, but I like monochromatic outfits a lot like this one I’m wearing and often I’ll go with the all-black.

Biggest trend you want to come back from the past?

For some reason leg warmers just popped in my head, which I don’t condone, but I think they’re funny. It would be awesome if long trench coats, like really long classy coats, came back. I really want like a classy wool coat — satin insides. I wish that was socially acceptable.

Something you wish you could wear but you’re too scared?

Definitely the big coats. Also, whenever I wear men’s clothing, which is a lot of the time, I just feel bad about it and I totally shouldn’t. I just want gendered clothing to go away. It would just be so much better for everyone. I’ve been in stores and am about to buy something and they won’t let me buy it. I’ve definitely been turned away from stores before for trying to buy men’s clothing. It was a really terrible experience that made me sad for a while, but it made me realize that you kind of just have to do it to make it be good and okay. People should not be scared. If you are, that’s okay but just do it.


Fung wears Barneys New York x Adidas sneakers, Thom Browne sweatshirt, Rag and Bone jeans, Celine sunglasses, Taylor Made hat, and Moncler scarf. Photo by Jennifer Cheung

What/who are you wearing?

I guess I’m wearing TaylorMade hat, a Moncler scarf, Thom Browne sweatshirt, Rag and Bone jeans, Celine sunglasses, and Barney’s New York x Adidas superstars and I have a Moschino phone case.

What/who inspires your fashion sense?

I think Tom Ford. His clothes are always just glamorous and fun and I think that’s really what style is all about: having fun.

What are your go-to stores?

I think Barney’s New York is a great place to find a different mix of clothing. I also love to shop on Fillmore street, especially at Rag and Bone and at Sandro.

How would you describe your style?

My style is like really casual and what I wear on a daily basis. I wear jeans and sweatshirts and t-shirts and stuff like that, but even though what I have are basic pieces, I try and find things that have like a unique twist that makes it special.

Fung wears Barneys New York x Adidas sneakers, Thom Browne sweatshirt, Rag and Bone jeans, Celine sunglasses, Taylor Made hat, and Moncler scarf. Photo by Jennifer Cheung

What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

One of my favorite pieces right now is just this really simple grey t-shirt that I have. It’s from Brunello Cucinelli and I feel like I’ve really started buying things that are more understated. It’s not so logo-conscious and it’s just more about quality and timeless pieces that can last you forever.

Do you often follow current trends or keep up with the seasonal trends?

I don’t really, I try to buy things that are more timeless. I feel like buying into trends is fun but I’d rather be able to wear my clothes for a long time rather than having to change my wardrobe every season.

Anything else you want to add?

Sunglasses are meant to be worn indoors. That’s my piece of advice for everyone.


Eng wears Urban Outiftters pants and top, Forever 21 camisole, Sock Shop socks, Uniqlo cardigan, and Ecco boots. Photos by Tobi Kawanami

What/who are you wearing?

I’m wearing Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters, and more Uniqlo — so double Uniqlo — and yeah, just some cool socks.

Is there anyone/anything that inspires your fashion sense?

Probably the minimalist movement in Asia. I really like their fashion sense it’s kind of like workplace but street-wear at the same time. But then, I think it’s kind of too conservative for me sometimes, so I like to spice it up. Like you wouldn’t find a patent leather skirt in the workplace so … I like to kind of have minimalist but with spice in it. I don’t know if that makes sense.

How do you shop for your clothes?

I either shop at kind of like the generic stores like Uniqlo because I like the Japanese street-wear. Then Urban Outfitters just because they have a lot of unique pieces, and then I shop a lot at thrift stores. I don’t really like the ones in San Francisco because they’re always overpriced so I always go to the cities around San Francisco like Berkeley. They have really good ones because of UC Berkeley — it’s a college town.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

I like to wear skirts and dresses, I would say. They’re really feminine and I like to dress them down so they’re not as feminine. I just like the figure on it, the figure of the dress on me or the figure of the skirt on me.

Do you often follow current trends or do you keep up with any seasonal trends?

Yeah, I keep up with the fashion trends. I follow a lot of fashion bloggers on like YouTube or Instagram. They inspire my style, I want to emanate them in style. Some examples are like Jenn Im from Clothesencounters, Annabelle from CatCreature. But yeah, I generally keep up with like the seasonal trends because there’s certain colors that correlate with the season and I like to emanate the seasons.

Eng wears Urban Outiftters pants and top, Forever 21 camisole, Sock Shop socks, Uniqlo cardigan, and Ecco boots. Photo by Tobi Kawanami