WATCH: Faculty schools students in annual basketball face-off for the ninth consecutive year

Assistant principal Orlando Beltran shoots a two-pointer for the faculty in the annual student versus faculty basketball game. Photo by Anita Liu

With persistence and skill, the Lowell faculty basketball team defeated the graduating class of 2018 on Dec. 1, with a score of 51–42.

Students Owen Mahoney and Nigel Wilhelm represented the senior class as the team’s co-coaches.

During the first 20 minutes of the game, the faculty overcame the senior’s tenacity and confidence to take a 12–9 lead at the end of the first quarter. Student Maria Wangamez started off the second quarter with a single three-pointer. However, custodian Damion Jones’ nine points and assistant principal Orlando Beltran’s single two-pointer helped the faculty team rack up a 24–20 lead going into half time.

Senior Patrick Mendoza defends the opposing faculty team during the game. Photo by Anita Liu

The students turned the tables in the third quarter with Tyler Chia’s single two-pointer and Jacky Zho’s two consecutive three-pointers. Zho scored another three-pointer soon after a three-pointer by Beltran, but the assistant principle added another two. The faculty continued their charge into the end of the third quarter, with Jones scoring three two-pointers and a single three-pointer, resulting in a 37–31 lead.

The fourth quarter was a back-to-back duel, but the faculty came out on top, with Jones scoring a final three-pointer to end the game 51–42. This result contributed to the faculty’s nine year winning streak.


Though they lost, the students were happy with how they played. According to senior Dashiell Myers Holmes, everyone cooperated really well despite not having any practice sessions prior to the game.