PHOTOS: Girls’ flag football pulls off 20–2 win against the Mission Bears

Freshman rusher Darcy Munoz and senior rusher Widya Batin rushes towards the Bears’ offense in game against Mission Bears on March 22. Photo by Jacky Huang

Before spring break, the girls’ flag football team won 20–2 against the Mission Bears on March 22. This was Lowell’s fourth win of the season out of seven matches so far.


Junior Tina Hu said that the beginning of this game was evenly matched so they had to fight hard to win. “With hard work at practice, comes victory in games, and that’s our reward,” she said.

The Cardinals’ next game is on Wednesday at 4 p.m. at Balboa against the Balboa Buccaneers.

Senior rusher Widya Batin pulls the Mission Bears’ flag. Photo by Jacky Huang
Senior defender Guada Nobela pulls a Bears’ flag. Photo by Jacky Huang
Senior quarterback Raina Serrano hands off the ball to senior tight-end Guada Nobela. Photo by Jacky Huang
Sophomore wide receiver Sherrice Law runs with the football. Photo by Jacky Huang