Words of wisdom: Tips for freshmen from upperclassmen

Vending machines

Susan Wong
The vending machines in the JROTC room.
  • JROTC vending machines are cheaper — via Instagram user @liloshk
  • Don’t use the vending machines where the science building [by the teacher’s lounge] is. They suck up your quarters and never give them back. Use the ones where the book room is. via Instagram user @ng.morgaan
  • The snack vending machine in the JROTC room also takes major credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

Hallway and navigation hacks

Susan Wong
Students stuck in the stairwell by the dreaded second-floor hallway.
  • Don’t hold up the hallways, don’t walk really slow when people are trying to get to class and say “excuse me” via Instagram user. @jxyne._
  • Use the outdoor path in between the science building and the main building

    Jasmine Liang
    Use the grass lawns to dodge the hallway traffic.
  • If you’re trying to get out of the math wing it’s faster to just duck out the door and take an outside route to than to wait for traffic to clear up in that one stretch of the hallway so you can get to a stairwell. via Instagram user @liloshk

    Susan Wong
    The staircase by the gym that leads to the boys locker room and Room 21.
  • Walking down the staircase farthest from the courtyard next to the gym can get you outside so you can get to the world language building or the art wing via Instagram user @cyrusratto

Join extracurriculars

Jasmine Liang
Which club should I join?
  • Joining clubs and extracurriculars will boost your social life like crazy. There are so many good supportive communities at Lowell — you just have to find the one (or a few) that you enjoy. via Instagram user @francesca.ficano
  • Even though Lowell can be stressful at times remember to make friends, join clubs, and enjoy your time here. It’s only four years. via Instagram user @i.need.kaffee
  • Don’t wait until sophomore year to join a club if you think you’re honestly interested in it. Albert Giang via Google Forms
  • One of the best ways to meet new people and make really good friends is to join a club or a sport because it’s likely that the people who are in the club or sport are passionate about things that you’re passionate about as well.

Time Management

  • Lowell isn’t a school where everyone sleeps one hour and die in tests. With good time management, it is, in fact, quite the opposite. Shoot for classes you can handle, not just for “looks” and “college apps” and “your friends in the class”. Take classes you want and enjoy and love. via Instagram user @tarsa.cy
  • Do homework in class if you can. via Instagram user @drewren25
  • I know everyone boasts about procrastinating and doing things in a crunch, but time management is everything. It’s what will prepare you for college. via Instagram user @ng.morgaan
  • Sleep while you can. via Instagram user @920jessie

Learning advice

Jasmine Liang
Take classes that you enjoy!
  • Always be willing to ask your teachers for help if you are confused! It can be daunting and intimidating, but 9 out of 10 times it is totally worth it! via Instagram user@fogforests
  • Don’t kill yourself with APs and Honors classes. No one needs 6 APs in one year, doing so will just cause unnecessary stress. Don’t feel obligated to do so just because you’re at Lowell. There’s no shame in only taking 1/2/3 APs in a year. And don’t just take APs just because, try and take the ones you have an interest in. via Instagram user @motormouth1214

Do your best!

  • Be outgoing and willing to take risks and talk in class who cares if you get it wrong everyone will forget about it the next day. via Instagram user @sheaboooy
  • Don’t feel pressured just because you go to a school that’s considered for smart people. Everyone here is your friend, not your competitor. Just be as best of a student you can possibly be. via Instagram user @yutherealg
  • Don’t forget to breathe and be true to yourself and eat, shower, sleep, and find fun in hardship. via Instagram user @pladdipusi

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