Vars girls’ soccer defeats Washington Eagles 2–0 and takes Academic Athletic Association title

The vars girls’ soccer team defeated the Washington Eagles 2–0 in the Academic Athletic Association championship match on Feb. 25 at Lowell, claiming their twentieth consecutive AAA title.

The Cardinals had a clear game plan going into the game: avoid the Eagles’ “infamous” offside traps. In an offside trap, the forward is involved in active play when they are positioned between the last opposing defender and the goal, posing a violation to the offside rule. It offers the opposing team with indirect free kicks. The Cardinals had practiced avoiding those penalties and entered the game with them in mind.


The Cardinals started off the game in possession of the ball, maintaining composure and focus on the field. Unable to pass through the Eagles’ defense, the Cardinals remained at the halfway point of the field, passing the ball back and forth from the defenders to the midfielders.

As the Cardinals had expected, they were caught in a few of the Eagles’ offside traps, wasting their attempts to score. The Cardinals faced another obstacle when they barely managed to escape the Eagles defense. As the last line of defense, the Washington goalie silenced all spectators in astonishment by blocking all attempts made by the Cardinals in the first half, regardless of direction and height of the ball. The Eagles’ persistent defense and skilled goalie diminished the Cardinals’ potential of scoring the goal. The Cardinals and the Eagles remained scoreless by the end of the half, going into the second half tied at zero points a piece.

Shortly after the start of the second half of the game, senior co-captain and forward Lyla Sax received the the ball from the corner kick and used it to her advantage, scoring the Cardinals’ first goal of the game. Encouraged by the first score, the Cardinals were able to attempt more shots at the goal, even using a headbutt as a method of scoring. Senior co-captain and forward Amelia Streiffer soon scored the second goal for the Cardinals, making this goal the last of the game and of the season.

As a result of their strategic planning and preparation, the Cardinals were able to write another unprecedented record of claiming another AAA championship title.

Senior forward and co-captain Amelia Streiffer controls the ball against the Eagles. Photo by Chris Hackett

After the game, head coach Gene Vrana credits Washington’s defense, mentioning that the Eagles made the Cardinals extra cautious and careful with their passes around the Eagles’ defense. Vrana said he wishes that the team continues to play with heart and persistence and prepares for the incoming post-season games and possibly the Northern California competitions.