PHOTOS: Lowell’s Got Talent 2018


Shyla Duong

Spark Movement lights up the stage with “Ignition.”

On March 23, Lowell students competed in Lowell’s annual Talent Show, featuring dance groups, rock ensembles, stand-up comedy and more.

Senior TJ Kanaley poses with Senior Women. Photo by Ciara Kosai
Breakers Alliance X Hip Hop Club perform “Unity.” GIF by Ciara Kosai
Seniors Miranda Dickerman, Madison Pineda, and Cristina Millar rap “Migas Takedown.” Photo by Shyla Duong
Senior Marc De Ocampo performs with Spark Movement. GIF by Tobi Kawanami
Freshman Kavi Rajalingam performs “Bharatanatyam.” Photo by Tobi Kawanami
2019 Senior Letter captains Cassandra Eugeno and Helen Feng make their debut. GIF by Jennifer Cheung
Senior Shea Fairchild receives his first place check for his “Guitarboi” performance. Photo by Susan Wong