Badminton wipes out the Buccaneers on their way to the All-City championship

Junior Nathan Li smashes a shuttlecock during the game against the Buccaneers on April 20. Photo by Kelley Grade

The Lowell badminton team extends its perfect season to 10–0 after taking down the Balboa Buccaneers 7–0 on April 20.

In the boys’ doubles, the Cardinals maintained a tough stance on the floor. In the first set, senior Gabriel Chen attempted a series of dexterous net shots, while junior Nathan Li remained attentive on the backcourt. However, a tie occurred after the Cardinals won the first set 21–10 but lost 21–17 in the second set. It had been a strained battle where both sides resisted in successive smashes. In the third set, the Cardinals shifted their main focus on gaining chances to attack, and successfully broke the tie with a 21–15 victory.


In the girls’ doubles, senior Carolyn Nguyen and sophomore Elaine Huang were able to quickly win their match. Nguyen performed several backhand drops which enabled her to return some of the corner shots and secure the backcourt. Her partner Huang concentrated on making timely net kills. In the final rally, Nguyen sustained her swiftness in returning the corner shots, while Huang cleared off her opponent with a forehand net shot. They ended up with a win of 21–5 and 21–9.

In boys’ singles, junior Alex Owyang took down his opponent with a triumphant win of 21–3 and 21–10. In the beginning, Owyang gained dominance on the court. He started off by launching successful gentle backhand flicks. As the match proceeded, Owyang began to incorporate his iconic smashes with other distant shots. His attacks at the opposing team’s blind spot ultimately led him to the victory.

Junior Zilong Wang saves a net shot. Photo by Kelley Grade

Similarly, the girls’ singles played by senior Tiffany Truong resulted in scores of 21–3 and 21–10. Like Owyang, Truong was able to shoot at the more vulnerable spots of her opponent, like the middle of their feet, or the side of their non-dominant hands. Throughout the match, Truong’s unpredictable attacks forced her opponent to change direction, and increased the pressure on their footwork. Failing to follow Truong’s sharp movements, Truong’s opponent was overwhelmed.

The Cardinals will participate in the All-City tournament quarterfinal match on May 2 at City College of San Francisco.