Ceramics and AP Art students sell artwork

This week, the ceramics and AP Art classes are displaying their work on the catwalk and in the ceramics studio. Many pieces are for sale, with 10 percent of proceeds going to the ceramics club or AP Art programs respectively.

CJ Moses, a senior in AP Art, sees the sale as an opportunity to profit from the year’s work. “We spent the whole year working on our pieces and we’ve already turned in our portfolios,” Moses said. “Time to make some money off of them.” There have been several sales over the first two days, with some students selling as many as ten pieces. Prices range from $5 to $40, but deciding the exact price is an individual process. They said most of the sales are from teachers, but many students also buy pieces that catch their eye.

Marlena Rohde

Ellen Reller, Lowell’s ceramics teacher, hopes the sale will show off both the visual arts program and the hard work of the students who participate in it. “I think it’s really fun to have the community come and see what you’ve been doing in here,” Reller said. “It’s also showing another side of students you might have been sitting next to all year and you have no idea what they’ve been doing in their other classes.” Reller thinks selling art has value in addition to monetary gain. “There’s a special feeling that comes with sharing something beautiful with the world,” she said.

The ceramics sale will continue until Friday during all blocks, while the AP Art sale will end this Thursday.