Lowell’s signing day celebrates student athletes


Kahlo Friel-Asay

Yesterday, May 16, Lowell held a signing day for all student athletes committing to collegiate level sports teams. The signing was held in the gym and the courtyard during lunch.

Athletes were delighted at the opportunity to celebrate the momentous occasion with fellow peers. “It was a lot of fun to take part in and celebrate with the other athletes and my friends. Everyone has worked so hard to make it to this point and it was great to celebrate our collective success all together,” said senior Jackie Holman, who is committed to Northwestern University for cross country and track.

Senior Miles Keane, who is committed to Western Washington University for soccer, is thankful for the farewell and all the support from faculty and students alike. “The signing day was a great sending off for me and my fellow classmates who are choosing to pursue athletic collegiate careers,” he said. “Thank you to Ms. Wilson and Ms. Aguirre for organizing the great event that commemorates the hard work that all of us put in.”