Letter from the Editor

Dear readers of The Lowell

The Multimedia Mag has been in the works for the past year – it’s an entirely new territory for The Lowell, one that we were excited to explore! This is a completely multimedia-themed magazine put together by our illustrators, photographers, and multimedia editors.

We wanted to allow our photographers and illustrators to fully pursue creative projects and find art among the Lowell population. In “Under their skin,” our photographers showcased art on Lowellites’ bodies by finding students with tattoos. One of our photographers wrote haunting poems, and in turn, one of our illustrators provided the artwork for the poems. We also asked photographers and artists to explore new mediums and techniques: in “Soundscapes,” one of our artists painted while listening to different songs.

We encouraged our photographers to seek out new inspirations. “Spring Lookbook” draws from the flash photography and maximalist aesthetic of FRUiTS magazine, which showcased outfits from Tokyo’s fashion district in the early 2000s. 

Thank you so much to all of our multimedia staff and contributors for working hard to break new ground and make this project happen.


Marlena Rohde