Students Against Sexual Harassment and Assault Club hosts Sexual Health Day

Today, Apr. 5, Lowell’s Students Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (SASHA) Club hosted Sexual Health Day, an event dedicated to educating students about topics such as safe sex, reproductive health, and representation in media. Held in the courtyard, the event featured a multitude of activities, from informational resource stations to games like sex education trivia. According to junior Olive Girsang, co-president of SASHA Club, the event aimed to support students in exploring the real-world applications of sex education, something often confined to the classroom. “We wanted to create a safe, fun, and engaging space to show students the importance of [sexual health] and how it is impacting people,” they said.

Many other clubs also contributed to the event. Lowell’s Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Club, for example, presented on queer sex education. “It was nice to see each club use their niche to support the overall event,” junior Chloe Faison, secretary of GSA, said.

Katharine Kasperski

For some participants, such as junior Eva Goldberg, the event explored topics that are commonly perceived as taboo in a more comfortable way. “I think [Sexual Health Day] has been especially good at destigmatizing sex education through talking about things like STIs, which are often brushed aside,” Goldberg said. Girsang agrees, stating that creating a learning space without pressure or discomfort was a main goal of the event. “That was the purpose of the games, to have a way that isn’t super intimidating to learn sexual health, as opposed to a classroom setting,” they said.

With the success of this year’s Sexual Health Day, Girsang hopes to make the fair an annual tradition. “In the future, we’d like to have the event be more ingrained into the school year,” they said. “It’s something that we hope to see Lowell prioritize.”