Escape committee puts on fun school-wide carnival event

On Mar. 24, Lowell’s Junior Escape Committee held their annual event, an after school fair led by the junior student committee. Occurring in the cafeteria, the space was filled with bustling music, food, and students of all grades participating in the many hosted activities, such as stations to make tie-dye shirts or slime, and even supersized games like Connect Four, Twister, basketball, or Jenga. “This year we went for a carnival theme where we could have carnival games, pizza, and a time where we could all have fun,” Escape Committee president, Asher Rao, said. According to Rao, Escape was intended for students to enjoy a time of leisure away from the hectic nature of school. “It’s really in the name itself — it’s a time for us to escape from the societal pressures at Lowell and really be able to remember that we are more than students; we are people, we are young children, and we need to be able to enjoy ourselves,” he said. 

Participants such as sophomore Vivienne Loftus found the indoor event enjoyable before entering her spring break. ”It’s a fun place because you can play games like Twister with your friends at school before the break,” Loftus said. Additionally, students are able to earn prizes by accumulating tickets with their participation in each activity. The Escape Committee was able to reel in many students this year by marking the admissions ticket to one dollar each, according to Rao. “We were really trying to make it affordable, so any student would be able to attend,” he said. “It was really made for anybody that wants to have a fun time.” Loftus, being one of those students, agrees. “It’s really cool actually. They give out free food and stuff, and it’s really fun that I can do all of this for a dollar,” she said. 

Ava Rosoff

With the success of this year’s Escape, both Loftus and Rao look forward to following year’s events hosted by Escape committees. “I hope that there is more outreach, more people getting to know Escape, and more people attending, so that we always make it a night that we can remember,” Rao said.