Girls go “goblin mode” too

Many people label Clash Royale as an unfun, “loser” game, but it is undeserving of these titles. This mobile video game is a one-versus-one player game that moves at a fast pace and requires strategizing with your pick of a deck of cards. While there are many great aspects of Clash Royale, the best part is that, by having no chat feature or communication method, it provides female players with a comfortable space to play. Most gaming communities are male-dominated and often very sexist. This is a big issue throughout many gaming communities, where girls cannot simply enjoy the game without getting harassed or being looked down upon.

Illustration by Elise Muchowski

Not only is Clash Royale a breath of fresh air from sexism in the gaming industry, but the game itself is also engaging. It is quick and easy to learn, and highly enjoyable almost to the point of being addictive. With each win or loss, there are trophies at stake which you can either gain or lose, creating a fun and competitive aspect to the game. Clash Royale is great for those who have a short attention span and just want a brief, fun game to play while relaxing or taking a break. Those who seek comfort in Clash Royale and similar games, especially female players, shouldn’t be judged for the labels on the game.