Letter from the editors

Dear readers of The Lowell

With the release of our March magazine corresponding with women’s history month, we wanted to produce an issue completely surrounding women, from the cover story to the crossword puzzle. Our initial vision never fully materialized, but pieces including our opinion piece and column serve as important reminders of the often overlooked struggles and accomplishments of women.

Many students have noticed a rise in antisemitic comments and attitudes, especially following Kanye’s recent statements. We wanted to give a voice to these students because antisemitism is a problem that often goes undiscussed at Lowell. In our cover story “Addressing antisemitism,” we explore how students are affected by events like 2021’s Padlet incident, which involved the use of antisemitic slurs but nothing done following the incident to educate students about antisemitism. 

Incorporating a theme was a new concept that we wanted to test, and we are excited to announce the release of an entirely multimedia-themed magazine next month. We’ve shared art from staff members through our Instagram, website, and magazine issues, but this is an opportunity for us to publish it in the form of a larger project. 

Hope all the girls go “goblin mode” this month!


Chloe Chon, Kelcie Lee, and Marlena Rohde