BSU holds assembly to celebrate Black History Month


Photo by Malena Cardona

On Friday, Feb. 24, the Black Student Union held an assembly to showcase Black culture and history during blocks 3 and 5. The assembly started with the performers singing the Black National Anthem, followed by a step show, dance performance, and fashion show. The fashion show was the last event of the assembly, highlighting Black fashion trends throughout the decades. The BSU had been planning and rehearsing for the event since November.

The last BSU assembly was held in February 2020, which made this year’s showcase all the more meaningful to several BSU members. “It feels really great to be able to connect with the other Black students at school and put something together, and perform with them, and really make bonds,” senior Aubrey Chikere said. For senior Snit Tecle, the assembly was an opportunity for Lowell’s Black community to be heard. “I feel like the Black students at Lowell are very underrepresented, and a lot of times they’re not really showcased or they’re kind of ignored,” Tecle said. “This assembly was good for us to step out and show the school who we are.”

Photo by Malena Cardona

According to BSU president Nai Gauthier, another purpose of the assembly was to encourage new students to join the BSU. “We see a lot of Black students in the hallways and we just want to let them know we are a welcoming club,” Gauthier said. “We want them to join and we want to be able to help them succeed, especially because we know how hard Lowell is, and we’ve been here for the past four years.”