JV girls’ and boys’ basketball teams win AAA championships

Katharine Kasperski

On Friday, Feb. 17, Lowell’s JV boys and girls basketball teams both won the CIF championships against Lincoln High School. Despite the girls’ small rostered team and the boys’ previous loss to Lincoln in the same week, both teams rose to the occasion and claimed two victories for Lowell.  

With only nine players on the court, the girls’ team was able to pull through the game, with a final score of 33-31. “I feel like this was one of our rougher games,” freshman Jasmine Lee said. According to Lee, during the game, the team experienced several turnovers and disorganized plays. Yet, the team worked hard for their win, attributing their practices, ending their season on a good note. “The girls really worked hard during pre-season,” JV girls’ coach Jason Lee said. Looking back at their season, sophomore Faye Lee agrees that their efforts were worth it in the end. “This was an amazing season, and we won 30 out of 33 games, which is a huge number for such a small JV team at Lowell,” she said.

Sierra Sun

Shortly after the girls’ game, the JV boys team stepped onto the court, leading Lowell to a second victory of the night, with the final score of 47-44. After a 40-50 point loss to Lincoln’s JV boys team on Feb. 13, the team adjusted their strategies by sharing the ball more and trusting each other, according to the JV boys’ coach Eddie Donnelly. With an eight point lead by halftime, the team started off strong. However, by the last quarter, stakes were high and the score gap became narrow. Despite this, the players were able to maintain their lead until the timer hit zero. “It was a great victory,” freshman Noah Hong said. “We lost to Lincoln in the regular season but we came back hard and strong.”