Lowell library receives a popular shipment of new books

On Jan. 9, the Lowell library received a new shipment of books, ranging in different genres, many of which are viral romance novels popular on social media. The shipment includes The Summer I Turned Pretty series by Jenny Han, Colleen Hoover books, and other novels popular amongst teenagers. According to Lowell Librarian Jonathan Jones, students have been quick to check out the new books, eager to see them on shelves. “Within, I would say an hour, two of them got checked out,” Jones said, in reference to The Summer I Turned Pretty series. 

Junior Lana Sidaruk has been excited about the new shipment, mainly due to the new Colleen Hoover books. Sidaruk’s favorite Hoover book is Ugly Love, a novel about two friends with benefits who have to balance their attraction with their personal challenges. “I like it because I think it’s very complex and it builds on the relationships of different people and their backstories,” Sidaruk said. “People should read it because it’s an entertaining, relatable teen-drama that sucks you in and makes you evaluate all aspects of a relationship.” 

Aaliyah Español-Rivas

Amalie Cimala, a freshman, really enjoyed The Summer I Turned Pretty series. The Summer I Turned Pretty is a popular romance book series in which Belly Conklin, a teenage girl, and her family visit their family friends at their vacation home each summer. “It just feels magical because she is in this different place,” Ciamala said. “I think that Lowell students would enjoy this book because it is a very interesting summery [feeling] read and you get to be swept away into the bliss of summer while still living your reality as a Lowell student during the winter,” Ciamala said.