Letter from the editors

Dear readers of The Lowell

With the start of the new year, people often think about new beginnings. We at The Lowell began our spring semester with around 20 new members, resulting in one of the biggest staffs we’ve ever had. And with the start of this new semester, we decided to finally pursue an article that has been in the works for years: an in-depth look at drug use at Lowell. Underage illicit drug use has been an issue for a long time, but as each successive false fire alarm attests to, it’s a growing problem at Lowell. In our cover story, “Obtainable and addictive,” we’ve tackled it by interviewing users, admin, and experts, as well as conducting a lengthy survey of 32 randomly selected registries. What we discovered was a need for more resources. 

In this issue, we also focus on several other groups who need more support from our community, including Lowell’s growing English Learner population and Black and Latinx students who face disproportionately low representation on campus. While some of these issues are attributed to district or school policies, there are also ways that parents, students, and other community members can help these groups. We hope these articles help open up conversations on how we can better support Lowell students. 


Chloe Chon, Kelcie Lee, and Marlena Rohde