Cheer team wins CIF championships


Photo courtesy of Lowell cheer team

On Saturday, Dec. 10, Lowell’s cheer team won the 2022 California Interscholastic Federation San Francisco Championships (CIF) at Lincoln High School, making it their second consecutive championship title. This is an annual cheer competition where high school cheer teams across the city perform two and a half minute routines with stunts, tumbling, and dancing.  

Lowell’s cheer team has been preparing for the competition since the beginning of the 2022-2023 fall semester by meeting after school four days a week. Alongside practicing routines, the team engaged in pep talks and meditation circles to overcome unexpected falls and anxious feelings for the competition.  

Photo courtesy of Lowell cheer team

Head Captain and senior Nathalie Situ was nervous about the competition but felt proud of the team’s accomplishment. “We were really frantic,” Situ said. “But I feel like we really pulled through and it was one of our best performances.” Similarly, sophomore Jayden Li expresses his contentment with the team’s victory following the months of practice. “I feel relieved because it was a really big thing for us since we won last year,” Li said. 

Now, the team is preparing for their next competition, the USA Regionals competition, this coming January.