Letter from the editors

Dear readers of The Lowell,

In November, 27 staff members from The Lowell went to St. Louis, Missouri to attend the National High School Journalism Convention. At the convention, The Lowell was awarded the National Scholastic Press Association’s (NSPA) Pacemaker 100 Award, which recognizes the top 100 high school publications in the nation. We are honored to be a small part of The Lowell’s century-long award-winning history. Thank you to the PTSA, LAA, parents, and all those who have supported The Lowell at bake sales that made this trip possible. 

We had an incredible time exploring St. Louis, talking to other high school journalists from around the country, and learning about different subjects from social media content to journalism ethics. We hope that this enriching experience comes through in this issue and content to come. 

But the future of our journalism program is not a guarantee. 

The cover story of our March 2022 issue, “Cuts to the Community,” explored the immediate effects of SFUSD budget cuts on students and teachers, including the journalism program initially being cut. The feature story in this issue, “Overcrowded, Understaffed, and Overwhelmed,” dives into the long-term effects that we’ve observed as a result of those cuts. In our editorial, “Take Journalism Off The Chopping Block,” we reflect on how our journalism program was cut and stress the importance of funding Lowell’s electives. 


Chloe Chon, Kelcie Lee, and Marlena Rohde