LSA 2023 Board Overcomes Challenge When Planning Senior Boat


Photo courtesy of LSA 2023 Board

On Nov. 12, for the first time in three years, around 400 Lowell students boarded a ferry for Senior Boat. Senior Boat is a costume themed dance party located in the middle of San Francisco Bay. Seniors voted the dance theme to be “If We Were A Movie,” which led students to dress up as movie characters. According to Senior Teagan Robinson, seeing the different costumes was her favorite part of the night. Robinson dressed up as Cher from the movie “Clueless.” “I liked the character, I had the outfit, and I’m blonde,” Robinson said. “It worked out.” Senior Aaron Hill dressed up as Mario and was a part of a group costume with his friends who dressed up as other Mario characters.

LSA 2023 Board

According to the LSA 2023 board members, planning the event took more student initiative due to complications within student government including the removal of the leadership class, the block that LSA used to meet and plan events. According to President Gabrielle Grice, the absence of a leadership block made organizing the dance more difficult as board members had less time to plan and therefore met before school and at night on Zoom. Although they received some support from past boards, Vice President Chloe Chan explained how the class board had undergone challenges when planning Senior Boat. “We had to get everything together quickly with no one to reach out to for support,” Chan said. Secretary Charlotte Woo also had a stressful experience arranging the dance. “We, as teenagers in high school, moved thousands of dollars,” Woo said. “We built everything for this event from the ground up.” 

We, as teenagers in high school, moved thousands of dollars. We built everything for this event from the ground up.

— Charlotte Woo

Photo courtesy of LSA 2023 Board

At one point, the board was about to cancel the event due to financial difficulties but were motivated to follow through with this dance. Woo expressed the importance of delivering the Senior Boat Dance for seniors due to the cancellation and lack of participation in previous events. “Our Welcome Back dance was canceled. Seniors don’t show up to homecoming. We needed to plan an all senior bonding event,” Woo said. “We needed to have it.”