Letter from the editors

Dear readers of The Lowell

Welcome back! The start of the school year is always a busy time, as we start back up the publication. 

Last year, we were dreading the complete removal of our journalism program due to budget cuts. Through advocacy, great reporting, and the Alumni’s Association’s funding, we were able to save The Lowell. However, the journalism class has been downsized, and we’ve found ourselves interacting and communicating with beginning reporters. We’re closer than ever in the single room that our staff now operates out of, both physically and metaphorically.

Even the makeup of our staff has seen drastic changes. This year our class is filled with more illustrators, photographers, and multimedia editors than before, prompting us to introduce a new position: the Multimedia Editor-in-Chief. 

Between consequential Supreme Court decisions and upcoming midterm elections, many students have turned their attention to politics, and the issues that directly affect them and their families. In our cover story “Breaking the Liberal Hold,” we explore the experiences of students with differing political views on Lowell’s campus, and their experiences being shut out for holding opinions that don’t align with San Francisco’s liberal climate. 

We hope you gain new perspectives from our cover story, and enjoy our first issue of the school year. 


Chloe Chon, Kelcie Lee, and Marlena Rohde