Dear readers of The Lowell,

In our first newsmagazine of the year, we decided to shed light on the issue that was the forefront of our community’s mind last semester: sexual violence. Last semester, hundreds of students walked out of their classes to protest how sexual assault has been handled in the district. Student organizers called for accountability and administrative action, and some survivors were compelled to file official reports through the Lowell administration for the first time. Now that the dust has settled, we investigated the lasting effects of the student movement. This cover story, “Demanding a Difference,” by Madeleine Johnston and Angela Chen, examines what actually happens when survivors report to the administration and how to sustain momentum around this issue. 

As both members of the Lowell community and student journalists, we hope this newsmagazine is a catalyst for change. Our purpose with our coverage is, and always has been, to inform the student body from an objective perspective; to give them the tools they need so that they can ask the necessary questions to spur change in our community. As always, The Lowell’s top priority is to elevate student voices and tell the stories that matter for our community with journalistic integrity.


Sarah Liu and Rae Wymer