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Who’s who? New staff join the Lowell team, part three

January 8, 2017

Originally published on November 25, 2015Not pictured: counselor DeLainya KazarianHorse trainer and marathoner dashes into the history departmentAndrea Struve, history teacherWhat are some of your hobbies/interests?I train horses. I cou...

Who’s who? New staff join the Lowell team, part two

January 8, 2017

Originally published on November 13, 2015Spiritual reader shares love for danceJudith Brooks, PE and College & CareerWhat are some of your hobbies/interests?I like reading, writing, and walking. I’m a spiritual person. A ...

Who’s who? New staff join the Lowell team, part one

January 6, 2017

Originally published on October 16, 2015Fly fishing enthusiast shares her acquired taste for scienceBonnie Daley, science teacherWhat are some of your hobbies/interests?My favorite hobby is fly fishing. I usually go over the summer and on weekend tri...

How this student movie director makes award-winning films

Jacqueline Nguyen

January 5, 2017

Originally published on June 2, 2015Movie director and producer senior Ruby Drake filming for a group project at SF Art and Film. Photo courtesy of Ruby Drake“Sound speed?”A crew member checks to make sure that the sound...

How mock trial placed among the top teams in the world

Jade Fong

December 19, 2016

Originally published on April 27, 2015Junior Andrew Wilcox cross-examines an expert witness during the Empire Mock Trial. Photo courtesy of Empire Mock TrialThe courtroom doors open as she starts her strut to the defense side...

Insta-nista: junior shares her eye for style on social media

Emily Teng

December 14, 2016

Originally published on March 5, 2015In an oversized beige cardigan and ripped boyfriend jeans, junior Madison Jones strikes a pose against a faded brick wall as her sister snaps a photo with her Nikon D300. With a minimalist ...

How nine students seized the chance to do research on cells, mice and cancer with the pros

Noreen Shaikh

December 14, 2016

Originally published on March 3, 2015She stared down at the agarose gel and up at her mentor. It was only her first day of performing wet lab tasks, and she had already broken the gel, used to separate DNA or protein from ag...

Everything you need to know about the eyebrow phenomenon

December 5, 2016

By Danielle FloresOriginally published on December 15, 2014Confidence and beauty are shown more and more through makeup. Nowadays, people go to great lengths to have their eyebrows done and filled in. But why put the time and effort? Though it might not have been considered as impo...

ELECTION TIME: Which candidates would you choose to make the big decisions for SFUSD?

November 30, 2016

By Emily TengOriginally published on November 2, 2014On Tuesday, voters will decide which three candidates will join current Board members Sandra Fewer, Matt Haney, Rachel Norton and Jill Wynns on the San Francisco Board of Edu...

Trick-or-treat! SF’s Best Halloween Destinations

November 30, 2016

By Rayming LiangOriginally published on October 31, 2014In an online poll, we asked students to tell us their favorite San Francisco trick-or-treat spots, and here are the top six. From haunted ghost sites to extreme candy hauls,...

Everything you need to know about your school’s $14 million budget

November 24, 2016

With a little extra money in this year’s budget, the administration and SSC try to figure out how to meet competing demandsBy Rachael Schmidt and Maximilian TiaoCourtesy of pexels.comThe school’s advisory board and administration are debating how to spend a $200,000 surplus tha...

Inside Inclusion

November 13, 2016

Lilee Consoer sits at her desk in the SDC classroom. Photo by Leonard Caoili.A closer look at Lowell’s Special Education programBy Katherine NguyenJunior Gerard Tavares has been on Lowell’s swim team since his freshman year....

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