Manhunt for suspected gunman after police officer shot near Lakeshore disrupts area, causing…

Originally published on October 15, 2016


Police officers led a manhunt for a suspected cop shooter through the Sunset and Parkside districts and into Stern Grove on Friday evening, calling for a shelter-in-place in the neighborhood. An officer was shot in head and is expected to survive, while the suspect was eventually cornered and taken into custody by a SWAT team using non-lethal flash-bang methods but was also shot in the process, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

The manhunt disrupted students who were at school for fall play rehearsals and had to take shelter elsewhere while rumors led to panic and confusion.

“This was one of the most jarring and surreal experiences of my life.”

At around 8:30 p.m., a fire alarm at the school went off and about 15–20 people, including technical theater teacher Kyla Morris, technical theater students and actors who were all there for rehearsal, along with custodians and Open Mic Night people, were ushered out of the building, according to Morris and juniors TJ Kanaley and Scout Mucher. As students began to leave, people began “noticing cop cars going up and down Eucalyptus,” Morris said.

While they were hiding, students began to hear rumors via text messages of a shooting at Lakeshore Plaza, according to Kanaley. The San Francisco Fire Department firefighters arrived at Lowell and told students to stay out of the building and “hide behind bushes away from the view of the street in the flagpole area,” according to Kanaley. Once the SFFD deemed the building clear and not a threat, everyone was allowed back in, according to Morris.

The ordeal left students panicked and confused. Kanaley said. “It felt like a movie.”

Cynthia Leung contributed to this article.

The video from CBS News covering the incident includes an interview with Mayor Ed Lee.