JV football closes season with new knowledge of basic fundamentals

By Arthur Register

Originally published on December 18, 2014

The Cardinals line up in an offensive formation and get ready for the snap during Battle of the Birds on Nov. 1. Photo by Amber Ly

The Lowell JV football team ends its season with a 2–4 league record and a fresh sense of anticipation for next year.

Looking ahead, head coach Jabes Rivera believes his team should keep working on specifics, such as footwork and passing. “Most people don’t pay attention to details as much as they should,” Rivera said. “I tried to teach them to care about them, and I hope they continue to give them the respect they deserves when they play in the future.”

“JV is about teaching them how to play football and getting them used to the game.”

According to Rivera, assistant coach Matt Jew taught the team to play physically, meaning bumping, and pushing around other players. “I’m a head coach. I have to manage the big picture,” Rivera said. “The assistant coaches work on the details. Whenever he had the chance, coach Jew drilled them. He focused on how to handle opponents, even when I didn’t have the time.”

The Cardinals did not have the best record of the season, but that is not what Junior Varsity football is about, according to Rivera. “JV is about teaching them how to play football and getting them used to the game,” he said. “ So when they go up to varsity, they win the playoffs; they win the championships.”

Sophomore quarterback and The Lowell‘s MVP Michael La gets tackled by two Washington players. The Cardinals defeated the Eagles 6–2 and claimed their last win of the season. Photo by Amber Ly

Battle of the Birds

The Cardinals snatched their second win of the season against the Washington Eagles on Nov.1 with a score of 6–2.

“He focused on how to handle opponents, even when I didn’t have the time.”

Between both teams’ solid defense, the scoreboard read 0–0 until the the final moments of the game. The Cardinals rarely gave up ground to the other team, even when their injured teammates had to leave the field. Sophomore wing back Solomon McHenry played well that game. He and his fellow teammates consistently stop Washington’s progression, and kept them from scoring.

This victory was an important statement game, where the Cardinals came out of a rut, and discovered their ability to play as a team, according to Rivera. “I am proud of the way they reacted,” he said. “It’s very easy to get down on yourself when people are getting injured, you’re getting penalties, and everything seems to be going against you. But they stayed positive.”

JV Football MVP: Michael La

Sophomore quarterback Michael La bypasses and evades player after player during the Battle of the Birds game. Photo by Amber Ly

The Lowell has chosen sophomore quarterback Michael La as the Most Valuable Player.

Balancing the team’s strengths, La played excellent offense on a team that focused on defense.

In the team’s game against Washington, La made several runs for the end zone, although only one touchdown counted due to offensive penalties. Despite the setbacks, La persisted, and his determination paid off. In the fourth quarter, he scored 6 points for Lowell that led to the team’s triumph. “All I was thinking [while I was running] was I had to get to the end zone,” La said. “I had to run it through.”